Welcome to 2018 Optimist Asian and Oceanian Championship website

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Welcome to 2018 Optimist Asian and Oceanian Championship website.

The Japan National Optimist Sailing team is heading to Myanmar for the Optimist Asian & Oceanian Championship, with 10 of Japan’s awarded young sailors set to compete against over 100 sailors from over 15 countries. The Optimist Asian & Oceanian this year will take place in Myanmar, Ngwe Saung Yacht Club & Resort ( http://www.ngwesaungyachtclub.com/ ) which is located in west coast of Myanmar on the Indian Ocean. The regatta starts on November 10th and ends on November 17th, and the Japan team is heading out early in order to get a day of practice in before the races start.

The ten young sailors that are representing Japan have been selected after final selection races on March-2018. The accomplished sailors that will be representing Japan are:
– Shota Kono
– Koshiro SUGASAWA
– Kentaro WACHI
– Tsukiri MAEDA
– Manami DEGUCHI
– Terumi HATTORI
– Mio AOKI
– Miharu MORI
The team is very excited to be heading out and represent Japan in Myanmar where there will be nearly 100 sailors competing from over 15 countries. The sailors said they are very thankful to Japan Optimist Dinghy Association ( JODA ) and all supporters for them.

The Myanmar Yachting Federation ( MYF ) is honored and delighted to host the 2018 IODA Optimist Asian & Oceanian Championship.
The Ngwe Saung Yacht Club & Resort is the largest yacht club in Myanmar and will act as the official venue and offer participating sailors,
coaches, fans and visitors an memorable experience.

IODA Optimist Asian & Oceanian Championship 2018

The Golden Land of Myanmar

Anyway the wind blows, doesn’t really matter to me, to me

Why Choose Optimist Dinghy?
What do most Olympic sailors have in common? The answer is fascinating – they started their sailing careers racing the International Optimist Dinghy. This nifty and appropriately named box-shaped dinghy was the design vision of Clark Mills. He was asked by Major Clifford McKay to come up with a small boat for junior sailors immediately after the end of World War II.
Today there are over 400,000 Optimists sailing in 120 countries around the world. At least 30 builders are producing boats for young people between the ages of eight and 15. Originally, the “Opti” was a boat for sailors in Florida, but in 1958 Axel Damgaard took one home with him to his native Denmark. The boat’s rig was modified and renamed the International Optimist Dinghy.
Clark Wilbur Mills created an enduring legacy that has served young sailors well for many years – that will certainly continue long in to the future.