名誉会長ご挨拶 The message from Honorary Commodore

名誉会長 河野博文



名誉会長 河野博文

The message from Honorary Commodore

I am Hirobumi Kawano, Honorary Commodore of Enoshima Yacht Club (EYC) and Chairman of Japan Sailing Federation (JSAF). I started practicing in Enoshima as a yacht member of my university, and since then I have long been involved in Enoshima, sailing and sports in general.

When I was Vice Chairman of Japan Olympic Committee (JOC), I had a lot of interaction with non-sailing sports people. Above all, I was impressed with the efforts of the Football Association. They studied how to create some good football players and many fascinate supporters in Europe, especially in Germany. As a result, they were to know that the club organization was essential to dissemination and strengthening. They started forming a club organization in Japan and developed it into the J League. I think it will be very helpful to us. Sailing is a sport that can be enjoyed seamlessly. You,junior or senior, can enjoy several kinds of sailing class, from dinghies to ocean boats, with all of the generations. In Europe, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand, a sailing club is the leading center of sailing activities. It can be said that the importance of clubs has finally begun to be recognized in Japan. There are only a few club-like clubs yet. I think EYC is one of the few representative clubs. With the energy of all members and the understanding of Kanagawa prefecture and Fujisawa city, we would like to further demonstrate our true value and continue to create a wonderful sailor.

Hirobumi Kawano
Enoshima Yacht Club Honorary Commodore

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